Royal Jelly is a short story by Roald Dahl assigned to my Advanced Character Design class. My classmates and I developed our own takes on the story's main characters  for 3 months and focused on one of them to build a pose sheet and expression packed for. I chose to build out the father of the family, Albert Taylor.


Early Reference
Royal Jelly has 3 main characters:

Albert Taylor - Confident father, bee keeper whose flamboyant, speaks with his hands, manipulative, and a showman

Mabel Taylor - Stressed stay at home mother, high strung, exhausted, docile, defeated

Baby (unnamed) - sickly, starved infant turned plump/overfed throughout the story


Character Studies
After collecting research from live action shows and movies, I drew from it to get a sense of how I wanted to design their acting and expressions 


Albert manifested himself as a busy, larger than life, flamboyant man. His body is voluptuous and is always sipping on tea spiked with his harvested royal jelly.


Albert Taylor Poses
Albert is flamboyantly gesticulative, brazen, mischievous, and a maniac lost in the constructs of the reality he's created for his family.


All the characters from "Royal Jelly" transformed throughout the story. I made a point to document the family's happiness before their struggles to show and after Albert and Mabel argue over feeding the baby royal jelly. 

My second lineup is at the peak of Albert and Mabel's argument.


Turnaround, Expression Sheet, and Mouthbag


Next Steps...
After 3 months, I improved so much and fell just shy of a complete fleshed packet.

  • Complete a hand sheet
  • Draw more character scenarios of two of them interacting
  • Play with perspective and shifting weight to improve expressions