Lawton and 41st, Rivera and 47th

Facade of home, Lawton and 41st

I was pretty happy with how these two pieces turned out. I got lucky with the Lawton home one night and found a great photo of it on Red Fin which is now a great ally in this project. I can search by location as well as keywords like "Art Deco." 

There were a few adjustments I had to add to the series from these two pieces.

  1. Perspective - I added a rectangle guide that's set in the middle of the page. The guide is literally a guideline but keeps the size of facades relatively consistent and leaves room for adjacent buildings.
  2. Door detail - I added a new 3px stroke width that feels inline with the style but not muddy up door motifs. Many gates have fun curly motifs that I didn't want to leave out. 

    Tip: I found a great resource to nail golden ratio curls rather than having to make them myself.  
  3. Succulents, bushes, grass - Still a WIP but I added shows, styled leaves a specific way and added an appropriate amount of detail. 

Facade of home, Rivera and 47th

When I originally started this project I was super hesitant to do plants. I couldn't imagine what they'd look like juxtaposed with the geometric style of the buildings, until one day I took the plunge and decided that adding them would add a level of aesthetic complexity that could benefit the series. 

Adding them gave these buildings more context, realism and personality and I couldn't imagine 

Every piece I do raises the bar a little more and I end up having to update old pieces and the visual style guide.