Geary and 5th, 19th and Pacheco

Facade of home, Geary and 6th

Lighter borders that didn't make the cut. 

On my way to the Inner Richmond to browse through some books at Park Life, I rolled right by this handsome devil on 5th Ave between Geary and Anza. Though it isn't in the Sunset, the muted blue and gold and its composition were too attractive to not illustrate. 

The massive gold inlayed pillars were a bit of a concern. I went back and forth with having them be different border widths and I ultimately stuck with the thicker lines to maintain stylistic integrity.

If you are an Art Deco or if architecture is a hobby of yours and know what those gold things are called, please let me know. "Inlayed pillars" is probably wrong.

Facade of home, Pacheco and 19th

I pass this home all the time to and from the airport. If you have your eye out for it you can't miss the home's radioactive mint chip color and strange boxy sections.

I also had to do an "Extreme Makeover - Home Edition" to this house and didn't illustrate the plastic home depot buckets used as planters and changed the color composition of the brown and green garage door. 

 Screenshot taken from Google Maps

Screenshot taken from Google Maps

The gate and faux balcony had fun motifs that I've been seeing in these kooky homes and I'm happy to have finally illustrated a few of them.