47th Ave between Moraga and Noriega

Facade of home, 47th Ave between Moraga and Noriega

I finished a majority of this piece at Réveille Coffee Co's North Beach location. 

I published the "Stubbornly flat" version of my latest piece only to realize how alien it looks.

I looked back at all of my pieces and because everything is so flat, I can actually afford a vanishing point just above the exact center of the canvas and not have to change much. 

The final piece is so much better that it's embarrassing. #growingpains

A few nights ago, I struggled to find weird Art Deco homes to illustrate until I googled myself in to a random guy's blog. His name is Andrew Wood and his blog is Woodland Shoppers Paradise. There are 3-4 pics of homes that I'm interested in illustrating. 

In a previous blog post I talk about which questions I planned on asking Emily. Here were her answers from today.

  1. How many pieces should I have for a show given my content and medium - digital art?
    Medium doesn't really matter. It may influence the price you will charge for pieces. Emily had 20 for my Mighty Box show and that's considered a lot.

  2. What are fair prices for prints?
    The size of the print may matter but so does how "good" it is. There will be pieces that stand out and Emily regretfully didn't price those higher in previous shows. She's sold prints for $50-$75 at most shows.

  3. What are "must-have" items for a gallery show? What are "nice-to-have" items for a gallery show?
    I didn't ask this question but based off a standard A Little Lodge show, wall placards for descriptions and artist messages, stickers/pins to show sales, postcards to promote the show, packing materials for framed pieces and prints. 

  4. What are the benefits of partnering with a gallery versus a cafe, store, or bar with a gallery space?
    Foot traffic and impulse purchases. Emily usually prices her stuff more casually when she shows in bars or cafes but they can do really well depending on social media engagement with her and the venue's followers.

  5. How far in advance should I book?
    Emily curates and coordinates shows for the Honey Hive. She offered me a show during our get together. The more casual the place the more likely they can book sporadically where as galleries need to be notified far in advance, up to a year.