47th Ave between Quintara and Rivera

Facade of home, 47th Ave between Quintara and Rivera

Finished this last night.

Originally I framed this piece with the base of the building and the ground but the perspective and detail was distracting. It became less about an Art Deco building and more about worrying about how the flat perspective I'm using works with a building meets the ground. In the end I chalked it up to "The ground isn't Art Deco, the building is" and axed the ground.

Experimenting with showing the ground, different stroke widths and stroke opacity

Showing the amount of detail on the facade also raised a few questions

Exercises on depth and detail on the bay window trim and garage.

I ended up making rules on limiting detail if it causes too much noise. The thick line style works for these pieces because Art Deco is based on geometry and modern style. When I had to do the scalloped trim on the roof it distracted from the rest of the piece, so I simplified.

The garage was a tough call and I ended up adding a 5px stroke style to the style guide to make it work. I'm intending for that to be the last stroke size to get added.