Website Mascot
Gorillas are my favorite animal and I've always been attracted to college mascot design. For my previous portfolio, I illustrates a mascot as a tertiary logo for my business cards and site.


OBSF - Surf brand
A while back a friend and I kicked around ideas for a San Francisco Surf Brand that celebrated Ocean Beach


Uncle Troll
As a birthday present, I illustrated a larger than life, fictional character for a birthday card


"H" is for Hustle
Type and script exercise


Space City Ballers
Back in 2012, Jeremy Lin was traded from the New York Knicks to the Houston Rockets where he joined James Harden. Riding the hype of what could be an amazing 1-2 punch, I did a few illustrations for fun.


Kevin Durant
Painting Study of KD, roll Dubs.


Chimpanzee Love
2009 Mother's Day Card