Early sketches
Before narrowing down our story, Kristen Ennis (Product Marketer) and I explored which small business vertical would be the most visual and fun to illustrate. We decided on florist, so I started sketching different flowers, textures, and characters. 


Different Illustration styles
Along the way I explored flatter, paper cut-esc styles and low contrast palettes and ran with a dinosaur universe to tell the story in.


Adding Humans
As we narrowed down the style, we tried introducing a female florist as the protagonist. Determined to appear on search engines, she educates the reader on how to make it as a present day small business owner by learning from business practices from the past (the dinosaurs).


3 sticker set that debuted in GoDaddy's Iowa and Phoenix call centers. The Drake reference "Started from the bottom now we're here" refers to climbing search engine pages and spots on search engines.


Howie's rise to the top
To accompany the Search Engine Visibility team's seminar and Q&A, I designed a short comic strip of Howie, the dinosaur florist, using our tool as a visual resource. 


Search Engine Visibility is back
To remain relevant in call centers, GoDaddy product teams have to reengage with them multiple times. The next time around, we brought back Howie and utilized the popularity of face swapping memes to advertise our upcoming events.


Demo Site
To tie the whole experience together my team built a very simple Flowers Before Time website on flowersbeforetime.com for us to test Search Engine Visibility on for presentations across Godaddy.